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We are the experts in injuries. Whether you have injured yourself playing sports, at work or anything in between, we are here to help. Our physiotherapists are skilled in diagnosing your injury, providing the right advice and helping you manage your injury.

Exercise Programs

Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologist are experts in prescribing an exercise program that is specific to you and your injury. We understand that no two individuals or injuries are ever the same and tailor your exercise to suit you.


Completing aquatic based exercise may be helpful for your injury. Our team can provide treatment sessions at Ripples St Mary's to assist with your recovery. We are there on a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. 

Exercise Classes

We frequently run exercise classes to support your recovery. Our exercise classes include pilates, lumbo-pelvic control and falls prevention. Our class sizes are small so we can keep an eye on you.


Need a bit more support? Taping may help you. Our physiotherapist can provide taping to your joints to provide additional support to help you move better day to day or in sport. 

Manual Therapy

Feel like you need hands on treatment? Our physiotherapists are skilled in soft tissue therapy and joint mobilisations to help your recovery. 


Have you broken a bone? We can help! Monique is our expert at casting all body parts. We provide information when you have the cast on and can even remove it when it is ready to come off.


We have experience in providing treatment to patients who have funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) through our physiotherapy and exercise physiology services. We work closely together with our patients to identify goals and work towards them. 

Home Visits

Our team can provide treatment to you from the comfort of your home if getting to clinic is difficult. We have been visiting patients within the local area to make sure everyone can access the treatment they need.

Work Cover/CTP

Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologist are accredited by the State Insurance Regulation Agency (SIRA) and can help you recover from your workplace injury or car accident. We have experience working with employers, insurers and rehabilitation providers to help you achieve your goals. 


We have experience working with government agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Medicare through the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program. 


We are so lucky to work with the team at Health Innervation who provide chiropractic services. Please click below to find out more. 

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