Retraining your Lumbo-Pelvic Stability

Our exercise rehabilitation classes at Connect Physiotherapy are specifically designed for people who are suffering from back and pelvic/hip pain. These exercise classes have been designed using the latest scientific knowledge about muscle re-education, and are used to regain control (normal movement) of your spine, pelvis and hips safely.

It is shown through research that this stability is achieved through three main muscle groups that work together. The muscles deep in your spine, along with the deepest layer of muscles in your abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles, work together to support your spine during everyday movements.

Unfortunately, when we sustain an injury, or have pain, poor postures or poor work habits, these muscles stop working sufficiently. The body’s way of coping with this loss of stability may often actually increase your pain, resulting in difficulty moving, stiffness and aching. With the assistance of Dr Barbara Hungerford and her team at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre, we are now able to provide these specific exercise classes to the Greater Western Sydney community.

Level 1 (max 5 people)

These classes are designed to introduce you to the idea of correct postures of your spine and pelvis during the everyday tasks of sitting, standing and moving. You will learn how to stabilise your spine and pelvis by providing awareness on how to activate and strengthen these stabilising muscles. The classes are then progressed to safely increase your activity levels and endurance. These classes are progressed at a pace that is safe and according to your needs.

We offer these classes as blocks of 5 one-hour classes. Participants are asked to commit to all classes as information and exercises provided builds from week to week to maximise your progress across all 5 weeks.

At the conclusion of the 5 weeks, you have the option of either continuing independently with a home-based program, or advance on to our level 2 classes. Our level 2 classes look at building the endurance and strength of your core muscles, hip muscles and your back muscles. By strengthening this trio of muscles, you will have more dynamic stability that will help to protect your spine and pelvis through activities that place more stress on your body.

How to book a class:

Before booking into level 1 classes, you will need to be assessed by one of the Physiotherapists at Connect Physiotherapy or to be currently receiving treatment by one of the Physiotherapists at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy, to ensure that these classes are best suited for you. If you are already attending physiotherapy sessions, discuss with your therapist if these classes would be ideal for you. If you are new to our services, then please call our clinic to organise an assessment prior to booking into the classes.

Cost and payment of the classes

The cost for the 5 weeks is $225, payable in advance. Private health care will usually cover part of this cost under physiotherapy. If you are unable to attend one of the classes there will unfortunately be no refund for the missed class, so make sure you select the dates of your classes carefully prior to booking. You can however make up missed classes during another time throughout the term, subject to availability.